Rent in SDA

This is a great session to introduce yourself to the obligations regarding rental contributions when living in SDA properties.

This course will look at single occupancy rent contributions, shared rent contributions and what the maximum is for charging rent and board.
  • Duration: 28 mins 
  • Date recorded: 1 May 2024
  • Includes: Transcription and closed captioning
Price: A$55 includes GST.
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This webinar is for housing professionals, support coordinators, hospital staff, people with disability and their families. 

People with disability and family can access this training. Please email

We will discuss:

  • Overview of what SDA is
  • What reasonable rent contribution is 
  • Discuss living situations and how this can change the amount of reasonable rent contribution
  • What other costs to expect living in an SDA
  • What board is and what to check is included

About the presenter

Vince Patton - Housing Outcome Facilitator, Housing Hub

Vince loves working directly with people with disability and their families and he feels really fortunate to hear first-hand how meaningful the work is that the Housing Hub do.

Before moving into his current role, Vince was the Housing Hub’s Communications Lead, and prior to that worked as the Summer Foundation’s Communications Strategist. Before starting with the Summer Foundation in 2017, Vince worked in a communications consulting practice, managing the strategic and creative aspects of the business. He has also worked in local and state governments, at an international publishing house and in the corporate sector.

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