Best Practice: NDIS and Aged Care

Equip yourself with the knowledge to support NDIS participants living in RAC. 

This course will look at the NDIS and Aged Care interface, provide key information for your toolkit, and provide information on who should fund what.
  • Duration: 2 hr 30min
  • Date created: 4 December 2023
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This online module includes:

  • Reading and video learning
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Helpful resources
  • Certificate of completion
This module is for support coordinators, RAC workers, family and informal supports.

This course provides information on collaborating with stakeholders, it provides a case study and looks at who should fund what and provides an eligibility overview.

What is learnt in this module will allow attendees to apply the knowledge and build capacity of those that they support and others around them.

In this online module you will learn:

  • Key updates in the NDIS x Aged Care interface
  • Accessing the NDIS while someone resides at RAC 
  • Key stakeholders and the collaborative support approach
  • Who will fund what and key documents that are used to help determine this

Why should I complete this online module?

This online module provides insights into the interface between NDIS and Aged Care. The module offers an understanding of the process for gaining access to the NDIS, it delves into what the NDIS will fund while a person resides in Residential Aged Care (RAC). Equally significant is the knowledge on what needs to be funded if an individual decides to leave RAC.

This specialised knowledge ensures that professionals are well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of both systems, enabling them to provide tailored and holistic care to individuals with diverse needs.

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