Supported Decision-making Series 

Learn how to demonstrate leadership in upholding the rights of people who have complex support needs so they can make decisions about their life and lifestyle. From risk-taking to guardianship, positive behaviour support to supporting choice and control.
Price: A$200 includes GST.
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We all know how important it is to make decisions about how we live our life. Decisions affect our wellbeing, freedom and our sense of self. People with disability have the same rights to make decisions as everyone else.
You will have a better understanding of:
  • Risk-taking and safeguarding strategies including capacity building, relationships and trust
  • Guardianship and the complexities of ‘best interests’, dignity of risk and safeguards
  • The link between positive behaviour support, human rights and improving quality of life 
  • Working directly with people with complex communication needs to discover their ‘will and preferences’

What is included in this bundle:

This series includes 4 webinars that will build your understanding of how to enable good supported decision-making.

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All prices include GST.

Engaging panelists

Hear from an engaging panel of experts at each webinar.

Four recorded webinars

Learn at your own pace. Revisit these recordings whenever you need to.

20% discount

Make the most of this series. Boost your confidence in supported decision-making.

Get 20% off when you purchase this bundle

Price: A$200 includes GST .