UpSkill courses are now being delivered by the Housing Hub

Dec 11 / Joanna Stewart - Training and Development Lead

As part of our continuous efforts to enhance and streamline our services, the training previously provided by UpSkill will now be delivered by the Housing Hub.  

About the Housing Hub

The Housing Hub was established by the Summer Foundation in 2017 to help connect people with disability to the accessible housing market. Since then the Housing Hub has grown to offer specialist support services for people with disability as well as exceptional training and learning initiatives for the sector. 

What’s happening now

Our brand is changing. While you won’t necessarily hear us talking about UpSkill so much anymore, all of the amazing courses that were developed under that brand will remain available, and the same amazing Trainers are delivering them.

What this means for you

If you have an UpSkill account, or are enrolled into an upcoming workshop, you don't need to do anything.  Your UpSkill account and any courses you're enrolled into (including upcoming workshops) will remain active. 

You can continue to expect the same high-quality workshops, courses, and expert knowledge and support the UpSkill team is known for, via the Housing Hub.

The difference is that you will see less of our UpSkill ‘look’, and more of our Housing Hub ‘look’.

What about 2024 workshops?

They're all still a go! Book now! 
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